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Chan Weisel
United States
1938 - 2016

James Frederick Kennedy
1935 - 2016

Denis Bernard Matthews
United Kingdom
1939 - 2016

Emma leigh barker
United States
2007 - 2009

Latest candles & flowers

Posted by Deb for Jay Heseltine,  May 1, 2016
“Happy Birthday....miss you xoxo”
Posted by falisha langi for Jasminder langi,  Apr 30, 2016
“Happy Birthday Dad, I love you so much and thi...”
Posted by Robby McEwen for Chan Weisel,  Apr 19, 2016
“Thank you Jan for being a bright light to ever...”
Posted by Peter Fowler Weisel (Brother) for Chan Weisel,  Apr 10, 2016
“Chan, You were a good big brother. You al...”
Posted by Peter Weiesel for Chan Weisel,  Apr 10, 2016
“Dad, I miss you already. Thank you so much...”

Celebrities & Public Figures Memorials

Steve Jobs
United States
1955 - 2011

Nate Dogg
United States
1969 - 2011

Mike Starr
United States

1966 - 2011

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