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In Remembrance of Debra Sue Perkins

23 June, 1956 ~ 14 June, 2010
Fremont, MI, United States

In Loving Memory
Our mother, sister, grandma, and aunt
Debra Sue
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This site created on 16 June, 2010, and last updated on 16 April, 2014.

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Message from Jeannie Mattice (daughter)

"Mom I just wanted to say it was very sad to see you go, we all will miss you very much, we know your not suffering anymore, your in a better place and we will see you again on... " Read more >

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Rocky   Jul 3, 2012
Jul02 Aloha Frank, I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother's passing. May you have peace in knwoing she lived a good life, was very loved and she is comfortable now.

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By Riski
Apr 16, 2014
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By XXX 28th JUNE 2011 XXX
Jun 28, 2011

By Christina King Martin
Jun 16, 2010
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