In Remembrance of Jay Frank Heseltine

1 May, 1960 ~ 8 July, 2012
Victoria, BC, Canada


HESELTINE, Jay Frank On Sunday, July 8th our hearts filled with sorrow when Jay peacefully left us. Surrounded by family and friends... Read more >
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Candles and Flowers

Posted by Cindy
Jan 7, 2018  
Missing you, Jay, today and always ♥️

Posted by Shell
May 1, 2017  
Think of you and miss you every day. Happy Birthday, Jay.

Posted by Shell
Dec 25, 2016  
Missing you! Merry Christmas Jay.

Posted by Cindy
Sep 11, 2016  
Missing you today and always.

Posted by Deb
Jul 8, 2016  
Miss you everyday, always in my

Posted by Cindy
Jul 8, 2016  
My dear Jay. It has been 4 years since you left us and we think about you and miss you every day. I wish you were still here ...

Posted by Deb
May 1, 2016  
Happy Birthday....miss you xoxo

Posted by Cindy
Feb 6, 2016  
Where does the time go? Why is life so painful? I really miss you, Jay.

Posted by Deb
Dec 25, 2015  

Posted by Deb
Jul 8, 2015  
hard to believe that 3 years has pass, miss you everyday...

Posted by Deb
Feb 14, 2015  
Happy Valentines Day

Posted by Deb
Dec 31, 2014  
Another year is about to start....wishing you were here with us....

Posted by Cindy
Dec 30, 2014  
Another Christmas and New Year without you, Jay; the world lost something very precious the day you left us.

Posted by Cindy
May 1, 2014  
Happy Birthday, Jay, we miss you.

Posted by Shell
May 1, 2014  
Miss you every day but even more so on your birthday. Love you Jay.

Posted by Deb
May 1, 2014  
Happy Birthday Babe....miss you always
Love you xxxx

Posted by De
Feb 14, 2014  
Happy Valentines Day, Jay Miss you, love you always xoxoxoxo

Posted by Cindy
Dec 26, 2013  
Merry Christmas, Jay. The holidays are very sad without you, I wish you were here to celebrate with us xo

Posted by Deb
Oct 25, 2013  
MISSING YOU so much xoxo

Posted by Deb
Jul 31, 2013  

Posted by Deb
May 1, 2013  
Happy Birthday Baby, you are missed so much by so many people, love you xxx

Posted by Cindy
Apr 30, 2013  
Tomorrow is your birthday, Jay. Thinking of you and wishing you were still here to celebrate your birthday with us. Miss you, xo

Posted by Deb
Feb 14, 2013  
(Ż`•´Ż).•´(Ż`•´Ż). Happy Valentine's Day!
..` •.•´(Ż`•´Ż).....★。/|\。★
*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•..•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•

Posted by Deb
Jan 8, 2013  
They say memories are golden,
Well maybe that is true,
l never wanted memories,
l only wanted you.

Hard to believe 6 months has passed since you left us, feels like yesterday, we love you and miss you, love you baby, Deb

Posted by Shell
Dec 24, 2012  
Jay, I miss you everyday, but at this important family time of year, I miss you even more. The best gift I could get is to have another day with you. I love you so much, little bro!

Posted by Deb
Dec 24, 2012  
Merry Christmas Honey, think of you everyday, miss you, love you always and forever Deb xoxo

Posted by Cindy
Dec 23, 2012  
It's almost Christmas, Jay, and it's so sad that you aren't here to enjoy the holidays with us. I miss you. Merry Xmas xo

Posted by Shell
Oct 8, 2012  
Miss you everyday Jay. Its been a tough 3 months, but knowing that your pain is over helps me get through. xx

Posted by Dan and Sandy Polomark
Jul 17, 2012  
Our deepest sympathy to all of Jay's family and friends. Our thoughts are with you. Hugs.

Posted by Deb Murdoch
Jul 15, 2012  
If tears could build a staircase,and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. love you always

Posted by Carl and Glenda Anderson
Jul 15, 2012  
Hugs, thoughts and prayers to all the family and friends of Jay.

Posted by Shell
Jul 13, 2012  
I miss you so much already. In reading all of the wonderful tributes to you, I wish you could see and hear how much you were loved.

Posted by Scott Edwards
Jul 12, 2012  
Uncle Jay,
You were always one of my favourite people. I'm very sorry I wasn't able to see much more of you over the years. I will miss you and remember you fondly forever.


Posted by Deb Murdoch
Jul 11, 2012  
you were taken from us too will always be in my heart, miss you, Love you

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