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In Remembrance of Whitney Houston

9 August, 1963 ~ 11 February, 2012
Newark, NJ, United States

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 February 11, 2012) was an American singer, actress, producer, and model. In 2009, the Guinness World Records cited her as the most-... Read more >
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Memory by Miguabedslax   Oct 29, 2017
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Memory by Joyce Saunders   Feb 22, 2012
Whitney, I know you are home.
Look for me cause one day I will
be there.
You are blessed.
Memory by trina rogers   Feb 20, 2012
Whitney i can't believe you are gone there are not words to express how i feel right now. i keep thinking about how when you were alive how you had this smile and voice that made me look at you as a i was singing with you i love that song call (i will always love you)because it meant a lot to how i felt about my family my kids
and even you and the hold world you know god said love everybody and i think that's why you song that song because you wanted people to know that you will always love them no matter where you go if you are alive are gone with the lord you wanted people to know that i miss you very very much and i will listen to your songs so i can remember you for the rest of my life god bless you Whitney R.I.P.
Memory by Jessie   Feb 20, 2012
Whitney I can't believe your gone. There will never be another you were immolated but never duplicated. You are not only the voice to me but your sprit and the way you were with your daughter was a beautiful thing. You are the voice and legend of my life and I will forever cherish your music. I made a promise to myself that when I made it to be successful and got my first walk in closet your song I wanna dance with somebody I would play just like 13 going on 30 ;) your song why does it hurt so bad got me through a ruff time and your performance on the AMA's will forever give me chills and inspire me to be my best I know your at peace now and yes Jesus loves you and we love you Whitney! Rip
Memory by cheryl johnson in DC   Feb 18, 2012
'GONE TO SOON' we all will miss her whitney houston was a great singer and a friend to us all. LOVE AND PEACE. TO THE HOUSTON'S FAMILY MY PRAYERS ARE WITH U ALL. GOD BLESS.
Memory by CHERYL/BRITTANY   Feb 18, 2012
Memory by cheryl   Feb 18, 2012
Memory by Michelle Green   Feb 17, 2012
What a sad sad loss to the world, a woman with great talent and a true legend that will be sadly missed.
My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends right now and especially her daughter and mother who have to live on without her.
Whitney you will be sadly missed and where ever you are i hope that you are at peace.
Gone to soon another angel gained
Memory by rochel   Feb 16, 2012
whitney you will be missed i been crying for three days your voice got me through a lot of hard times. you were my icon and i know i would never have another heart is shattered. may you be at peace
Memory by Rosemary   Feb 15, 2012
Whitney...gone too soon. What a voice you had. I shall always remember your smile, and that soaring voice. Rest in peace.
Memory by Robert bullock    Feb 14, 2012
Whitney sure will be missed when i heard about her death i cryed she was my idol she was a beautiful person and the most beautiful voice there was i wish her her dauther and her mother and the rest her her family all of my prayers and may her soul rest in peace.

Robert bullock
103 thensia ct
cary nc 27513
Memory by Marion   Feb 14, 2012
Whitney, you have given the world all the best of your talent. You also have given us a beautiful person inside and out. You had a loving soul, a beautiful smile and a very classy woman. Your music will never be forgotten because it had so much love in it just like you. I know your watching and hearing all of this for you are now at peace with our maker. Watch over your family and I pray that in time all will be together again. Love never dies.
Memory by Freda Hill   Feb 14, 2012
To Whitney, (my writing before did not go thru because the devil did not want my msg published publicly, but I am writing it again.)

I just finishing watching your video, "I Look to You" and to me, it exemplified where you were in your life at the time, somewhat tired and weary from everything that had transpired.
In everything, you still gave God the Praise, You still looked to Him, even after all your strength was gone. R. Kelly wrote that song just for you. The passion was all there.

Folks here can't begin to fathom the magnitude of the love, peace and joy of simply being in the Presence of the Lord. A place far from the worries, strife and stress. A place where there is no pain, no ridicule and no sorrow. A place where you can just bask in His awesome presence and just rest.

What your critics fail to realize that despite your struggles with demons, your spirit was always connected with the Lord. The devil may have tried your flesh with some success, but He could never have your soul. You always made that very clear.

One can only hope that those same critics will have their own salvation resolved before they leave this world themselves.

Yes, you will be greatly missed, especially by your family, because we truly love you. You are physically gone, but you remain with us in spirit.

We shall never forget you Whitney; Rest in Peace.


Freda Hill

Memory by Qualaya   Feb 13, 2012
My memory of Whitney is the first time I saw her as a young girl, she was so beautiful with a voice unheard of. I was stunned about how amazingly talented she was and how she loved back through her music. Hearing of this tragedy is so unbearable, she's family to us all this is shocking. Bobby & Kristina and the entire Houston family are in my thoughts and prayers, keep God 1st!!!! We Love U Whitney()
Memory by Anni Potash   Feb 13, 2012
Gone too soon. Her troubled soul can finally rest in peace.
Memory by paula   Feb 12, 2012
Whitney's music will live on forever. We need to remember her voice, her spirit and not what was in the news the past while. It doesn't define her..
Your music has inspired so many to sing. So rest easy now, you are at peace looking over us.
Memory by Moreno   Feb 12, 2012
God really wanted his Angel. The devil threw everything at you to take you away from Him. But God knew you won the fight, and he decided to take you now to be in heaven with him. I wish he gave us the rest of your life here, but he loved you as much as we did and couldn't wait anymore. RIP Whitney.
Memory by Pam   Feb 12, 2012
I miss you like you were my mother. Your songs got me threw hard times growing up I used to and still play you songs when i need to hear you songs because they was always up lifting. You will truly be missed. Thank you and i will always love you.....
Memory by wayde   Feb 12, 2012
Myself and whitney shared a conversation when she was in australia one year, beautiful women, you will be dearly missed xoxoxox
Memory by Penelope Lopez   Feb 12, 2012
Whitney, I cried and cried when I heard the news that you passed away. I have uploaded pics of you and your daughter on to my facebook site and I am defending you as much as I can to everyone that is talking bad about you. I will never forget you and you will live on in my heart forever and I will cherish your songs forever. I love you Whitney Houston and May You Rest In Peace!!!
Memory by Eva   Feb 12, 2012
Dear Whitney,forever with love.Thank you.Eva
Memory by Amy   Feb 12, 2012
Whitney, I cried when I heard last night that you'd died. I am teary now as I write this now, too. Every one of your songs connects to an important event, person, or timeperiod in my life; you have been there for me for all of the formitive years and happenings of my life. Your song "I Will Always Love You" changed my life and directed me down a path which I'd never have taken if you hadn't sung that song. You were a role model for me as a singer and as a 6-foot-tall woman: I am both of those myself, and you were inspirational to me always. I'm so proud of how you weathered difficulties in your life and acknowledged them even when it was hard to do, and you loved your man regardless of other people's scorn. You are truly a hero to me and will always be: I celebrate your life and all you were to me, and I will never forget you.
Memory by Denisse   Feb 12, 2012
Whitney you will be miss forever,sad you had to leave us but God must of needed you. I will always cherish my memories with your music, as I was growing up me and my cousins pretend it we were you and always sang along with your music! Every family get together we had there we were performing to your songs. Lovely memories that are cherished in my heart forever. I will miss your awesome Talent and Music..RIP Queen Whitney Houston.
Memory by Monika Estrada   Feb 12, 2012
Whitney Houston has touched my life along with many others with her angelic and heartfelt voice, she will truely be missed but her music will live on forever. My deepest condolenes to her daughter Bobbi Kristina. May GOD give her the strength she needs to deal with this tragedy. RIP Whitney Houston, you are now in the hands of our creator.
Memory by Sherrihea   Feb 12, 2012
Whitney was definitely a huge inspiration in my life regardless of the negative factors. The movies that she played in are all my favs and her voice was incredible and so angelic.She was so beautiful and I pray God helps her family heal through this tragic time. I will always love her.
Memory by leanne   Feb 12, 2012
I loved whitney even in the womb my mum told me when I was in her tummy and she played whitney songs I would kick. I have listened and watch whitney my whole life and her music touched me and I loved watching her films. She was and is my idol. xxx
Memory by Lisa Wiggins   Feb 12, 2012
I remember seeing her in The Bodyguard and was great, And her beautiful voice, now you can sing with the Angels and finally be free from harm and a terbintly life, now your with your King and he will take care of you. we will miss you very much, but you can be happy. my prayers go to your daughter and family, not your x though. sry.
Memory by maria bowmer    Feb 12, 2012
I remember her in the movie where she was protected by the bodyguard. And her beautiful voice. No, I didn't know her, but
I wished I did. How sad that people can't get off drugs. I used to use but I don't now. I will pray she rests in peace.
Memory by al   Feb 12, 2012

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