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Guidance about writing an official memorial introduction

We realize you may be asking "What should I write here?"

So if you are a little uncertain as to what to include in your "official memorial introduction" to people entering your Memorial Matters' Website for your loved one for the first time - here are a few pointers to assist you. This section is a written account of a person’s life and might include:

  • Family info

  • Accomplishments

  • Major events during life

  • Schools attended or graduated

  • Career information

  • Activities or hobbies

  • Memorable stories and anecdotes

Of course, please feel free to include whatever you are comfortable with. You might like to discuss it with a member of your family or a friend.

Here is an example of how you might introduce a person's life:

"After fleeing Prague during the uprising in Hungary in 1956, Josef Schumann came to Canada and married Birgetta in 1956, having met her when they both landed at Quebec City from the SS Calendulia from Hamburg. Josef brought his great practical experience as a craftsman furniture maker with him from Hungary (as well as his beloved tool set). By dint of hard work, within ten years he had built his Old Country Craftsmen Furniture Co. in the Bronx into a widely acknowledged leader in its field. Josef actively ran his company until he was 85 in 2006, when his eldest son, Friedrich took over."


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