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Sample Memorial Introduction

We realise you may be asking "What should I write here?"

So if you are a little uncertain as to what to include in your "personal introduction message" to people entering your Memorial Matters' Website for your loved one for the first time - here are a few pointers to assist you.

Of course, please feel free to include whatever you are comfortable with. You might like to discuss it with a member of your family or a friend.

We suggest you greet visitors to your site, just as you would someone coming into your home. Therefore it is a good idea to write a brief description that will introduce both you and your late loved one or friend.  It is important that you let everybody know why this Memorial has been set up.

  • You will need to include details about the creator of the Memorial – which most likely is you.

  • Then include how you came to know the person.

  • Give one or two of the most important reasons why the person was  so special to you.

  • Many people like to include the place and date (and even the reason) why their loved passed away.

Here is an example of a personal introduction message:

"This is a memorial for my grandfather David Henry, who was very special to our family and died peacefully in his sleep in June 2009. He leaves behind his beatiful wife Alice, 3 children and 4 grandchildren as well as his beloved 12 year old Cocker Spanial ‘Chipper’ that is now living with Aunt June in Tacoma, Washington.  I hope you enjoy the photos and stories that are collected on David’s Memorial Site and please feel free to add any of your own memories or pictures.  Best,  Julia Henry."


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