In Remembrance of John Halewood

2 May, 1947 ~ 15 October, 2011
Wallasey, United Kingdom

*** The Memorial Service for John Halewood will take place at 7.00pm on Monday 7th November at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral ( ***
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Memory by Brad Berkman-Miami   Nov 22, 2011
I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet John and his family. The time that I spent with John and his family were most enjoyable and his generosity will be remembered. The news of his passing is saddening. I extend my condolences to the Halewood family and wish you all ease of heart soon.
Memory by Jaime Sancho   Nov 20, 2011
Adios, amigo. Siento que no podamos tomar juntos más cpitas de Tio Pepe.
All my sympathy and good desires for the family and friends of John.
Memory by Kirsty Moon   Nov 17, 2011
I was part of the "old team" at Roberttown for many years and have many, many fond memories of John. My first job from leaving school, and who could have asked for a better start to a career. Thanks to John and Simon, I have often passed on memories of a management team - with John at the helm, who were very hard to beat. Time has moved on now but memories never fade... actually having a chuckle to myself now thinking about our Christmas doo's at the Golden Cock! Memories that would not have been possible without John. Thoughts go to his family and those now at HIL.xx Kirsty xx
Memory by Roger Newcombe   Nov 8, 2011
John Halewood Memories

Judy, Adam and the enlarged family of HIL, having attended John’s Memorial service last night it is appropriate to add a few words in remembrance of this inspirational professional college and true friend.

Banking is said to be a dull and boring career but how could it be after being associated with John. My first meeting was held at Roberttown in the late 1980’s with John & Simon and was scheduled to last for 1 hour. Some 4 hours later a fire had been ignited that burnt with consuming admiration of John’s drive and innovation until I retired in 2002. His self believe, infectious personality, bravery, winning mentality and sense of humour ensured I was going to have many challenges and lot’s of fun, and I did.

The professional relationship we enjoyed was at times demanding, challenging, rewarding and frustrating but never dull as requests for various projects were presented. The HIL empire grew quickly across the world stage as did my trust and understanding of John.

Trips to Romania with a crowd of buyers and wine writers, including Dirty Den from East Enders, were embarked upon to enable me to better understand the business (the wine tasting was just a bonus!). Visits to Haydock and Aintree were great days out watching my selected horses lose on most occasions but Amberly made up the deficit. Parties at Hatton Hall were second to none thanks in no small part to Judy. These are some of my lasting memories but there are many more.

Life continues, and I feel sure John would want all associated with him to carry on in the same positive and thoughtful way he conducted his own time with us.

Roger Newcombe
Memory by Fran Draper   Nov 7, 2011
You challenged us all and somehow knew how to get the most out of us.

You were the best, and the worst person to work for...
The worst - because when you didn't like something, it really felt like the end of the world, no-one wanted to let you down.
The best - because when you did like something, you were the most inspirational person to work for in the world, and you made us believe that we could achieve anything.
And together we did. You did.

What a legacy you leave, not just the brands, but the people you have trained, the lives you have touched.
We will miss you and your inspiration.
Memory by Arabella Woodrow   Nov 6, 2011
I was acquainted with John through our mutual connections in the wine trade since 1986, but did not really get to know him well till 1993 when he invited me to participate in a trade and press trip to Romania. This is the most meorable trip abroad I think I have ever had, involving all sorts of adventures from our bus being hijacked by a sparkling wine producer determined not to miss out on the action, to being offered 'juice' on a hot lunchtime which turned out to be fruit schnapps (something got lost in translation along the line there) and visiting an old cellar where we were each offered wine from our birth years to taste.
Some years later John was kind enough to offer me a job when I needed one and provided me with invaluable experience as well as friendship and some wonderful tales and jokes. His 'can do' approach to life was admirable and inspirational.
I will miss him enormously.
Memory by Lucy Hooper   Nov 4, 2011
John, your empire was always my favourite client and then I had the honour of working for you. One of my favourite memories is from a technical tax meeting one Wedensday morning. The Partner had come in to talk through a highly complex structure when - with a surreptitious wink at me - you loudly asked whether he knew what day it was.. his trousers had raised to reveal 'Thursday' socks.

Always a man to brighten a room with a smile.

You are, and always will be, sorely missed.
Memory by Ebere Okeem   Nov 3, 2011
My sincere condolences to the Halewood family and company.
I never met Mr Halewood and only came in contact with your company a couple of months back through one of your great products.
May the good Lord comfort you all like only he can.
God bless
Memory by Brian Williamson   Oct 31, 2011
I joined Halewood in 2003 and within a couple of weeks attended the Halewood Sales Conference in Germany. I was introduced to you and you told me a joke (Wish i could remember it) later that night we ended up singing together. The next time I met you was at the Halewood Dublin Sales Conference and you told me another joke. That night we had a good old sing song. You were a great guy and a true visionary. God Bless.
Memory by Peter Chumbley   Oct 30, 2011
Dear John,
I have been fortunate to have known you for 26 years and I thank you for steering my career on the right path all those years ago.
I have so many memories I would like to share but the most important thing for me is to say is that it has not only been a privilege to work alongside you all these years, it's been an honour with a great deal of pleasure thrown in for good behaviour
My condolences are with Judy, Adam and the
Halewood family.

Memory by Sean Devereux   Oct 29, 2011
Today, later than most, I heard the sad news of Johns passing. Now in Nepal the news has taken longer to reach me than most, but the impact has been just as big. A man whom I expected to stand in the shadow of the first time I met, my first impression was an approachable gentleman. A man who made me feel instantly at ease. My lasting impression is that if I truly want something, then nothing is impossible. And now 4,500 miles from Liverpool, from home, I morn this sad loss x
Memory by Denise Evans   Oct 27, 2011
I have many memories of Mr Halewood, such a true gentleman, always had a joke to share.
It was a honour to have known him.
My thoughts are our with Judy, Adam and the Halewood Family at this sad time
Memory by Sap/IT Team   Oct 26, 2011
Although no words can really help
To ease the loss you bear
Just know that you are very close
In every thought and prayer
Memory by Michael Luddington   Oct 26, 2011

I’ve been thinking back over the 4 years I’ve been with the business working with you, Andy and Simon. It’s with a smile on my face that I remember all the meetings when you’ve asked the one question nobody was expecting making everyone sit back and realise we hadn’t aimed high enough or considered a problem from a completely different direction.

I remember the call Lynn put through to me in Chorley when I'd only been in the business a few months and had only met you once. Out of the blue you were asking me to look at something completely unrelated to H&A and give you my opinion.

I’ll always remember the times when you’ve rounded up a budget and then added another few million cases with a very serious look on your face closely followed by a smile and a wink. Despite the wink we inevitably ended up with the number you wanted.

I’ll miss you popping into meetings to ask what we all thought of a new label or a different cap or bottle or just to tell us about something you’ve seen or had an idea about. Things will never be the same but I’m looking forward to working with Judy who I know will still have the same ideas about growth and the potential of the business.

Memory by Les Norton   Oct 25, 2011
How long does it take to boil an egg? The answer is...... a lot longer than it took John to come up with a whole new product launch!

We worked together on many products from the very successful to the wild and crazy, what I like to call 'no-sky' concepts!

I enjoyed working with John enormously and the passion he displayed for his products was unbelieveable.

Few people in life teach you things without teaching. Just being around them is enough and John was one of those people. I feel very fortunate to have known him.

Most people in life end up being clones of some description or another. John was different, a true one-off.

He will be missed, but I will never forget him.

He packed more into his short 64 years than most people could pack into 64,000. What a fantastic legacy to leave behind. Rest in Peace John.

On behalf of the department, we offer our sincere condolences to John's family and friends.
Memory by Donna Radzikowska   Oct 25, 2011
Man cannot remake himself without suffering,
for he is both the marble and the sculptor.
You created HIL as part of your life and I for one will try to continue to work hard to support it.

Mr Halewood always had a lovely warm smile when ever our paths crossed.

Kind thougths to all of his family.
Memory by Jane Woodhouse   Oct 24, 2011
I joined Halewood Vintners in 1987.
John was always ambitious with tremendous enthusiasm and risked so much to put the small village winery known as Halewood Vintners on the map.
John, at the helm worked tirelessly to support the handful of staff and keep us all in our jobs. He believed in his portfolio and strived so hard to gain entry into the multiples finally cracking Sainsbury, with the first ever Halewood trunker order.
I have so many happy memories of John at Roberttown and later at Huyton. I quite honestly would not have a clue where to start.
John has played such a large part in so many people’s lives and will be sadly missed, but rest assured all who knew and were fortunate enough to have met him certainly will never forget a true down to earth larger than life gentleman.
I will always personally think of John with great admiration, oodles of respect and foremost a kind hearted boss with a forever memorable cheery smile.
Miss you John, but I will never forget you.
My heartfelt sympathy and condolences are now with you Judy and Adam and also the Halewood family.
God Bless you all.
Memory by David MacDonald   Oct 24, 2011
When I left Halewood International for my dream job at Uttoxeter Racecourse I had a major concern . I did not want to let you down John. You had offered me a fantastic opportunity at just the right time in my career and throughout my stay you were supportive and kind and inspirational.The kind of leader that I had never come across before and will probably never see again.

I should not have been worried.The minute I told you where I was going you had a glint in your eye. It was so important to me that you gave me your blessing and you have been nothing but supportive to me ever since.

You had a huge influence on me John and i will enjoy telling my team for many years to come the story of the great leader,the legend ,John Halewood.
Memory by Jane Atkin   Oct 24, 2011
I can honestly say that without Johns drive, inspiration and energy I would never have achieved so much satisfaction and pride as a designer - he was without doubt a 'one-off' and I'll never meet anyone else like him again.

Having lost my husband only a month earlier, I understand how Judy must be feeling and my heart goes out to her - I also feel that the two most influential men in my life have both left me and the worlds a much sadder place.
Memory by Andy Bailey   Oct 24, 2011
“There are some people who leave an everlasting impression on your life; there are others who inspire you to reach for your own goals and there are some who just outshine others through achievement. In my having had the great pleasure to have worked for you twice John in my career since 2000, I can honestly say that you had all three of these attributes in abundance.

Your passions for success coupled with your vision to look outside the box are just two reasons why Halewood International Ltd is such a success story. You are without doubt leaving a massive footprint in the industry that will continue to grow for many years to come; as well as leaving a massive imprint on my life and career.

I recall during one of our conversations you called me an entrepreneur and that coming from you John was one hell of compliment. But this compliment pales into insignificance when I know so many people (past and present) came into work because they enjoyed working at HIL because of you the man, which is probably the highest compliment anyone could attain.

John, you may not have realised that you had touched so many lives whilst you were alive or that your passion for the business rubbed off on so many others around you. Thank you for letting me be part of your life and for allowing me to share some of your vision and journey during my times at Halewood International Ltd.

My immediate thoughts are with Judy, Adam and the rest of yours & Judy’s family and friends at this sad time. I have every confidence your legacy in the drinks industry will continue for a long time to come and that you are probably letting God know you have some innovative ideas in turning water into wine!!” RIP John – Andy Bailey
Memory by Lynn Block   Oct 24, 2011
I started as a legal secretary in March 2002 and went to work for John 3 months later as his PA. It was a scary prospect, having never done anything like that before, but John threw me in at the deep end and I learned to swim.

The job “seemed” fairly straightforward, organise his diary, keep him up to date and sort his travel - I don’t think one meeting ever started on time, finished on time or an agenda completed! Every day he was in the office went to pot and even if he was hundreds of miles away, there was always the phone – oh how he loved to phone! Each time he travelled I worried what he would come back without this time – would it be the passport, wallet or driving licence!

In the end I realised he would never change and I had to stop trying to “organise” him, it was his train set and we got through it at his pace. No two days were the same and it was never boring!

Although 20 years older than me, I struggled to keep up at times and he gave me grey hairs and sleepless nights.

John was demanding and would have ten things going on all at once but he never raised his voice to me; he had belief in me and seemed to value my opinion and this made me a stronger, more confident person for which I will always be thankful to him for.

John was a great leader, he excited people and everyone believed in him and his innovative ideas which were pure genius at times. I am at a loss, I can’t believe he is gone and I will miss him dearly.
Memory by Scott Thomson   Oct 21, 2011
John, if ever anyone is looking for inspiration then they need look no further than yourself.

From car boot to International and, for good measure, a Grand National winner too. And all of this achieved with a great deal of fun along the way no doubt.

On 25th October I will have been with the business for 12 great years, I only wish I had been here from the very start, what a ride that would have been!

You will always be in my thoughts.
Memory by "Stan"   Oct 21, 2011
From when we first met in the mid 50's at St. Georges School, through our teens and twenties in bad times and good, when we had many, many laughs, games of footy and other adventures - we have always been the best of pals!
Your folks made me so welcome, that i felt like an adopted son, as i stayed in many of your family homes over the years. So, your Dad trusted me to share the driving to Sheffield in the snow, for the interview as a wine salesman that started it all in March 1969!
Your first season at Anfield was finished off with a broken ankle that meant you didn't play again. So then you put all your energy into wine sales and you grew up from a cheeky young lad into a very charismatic anglo-irishman of exceptional forsight and vision.
You have achieved your ambitions many times in the last 30 years and continued to expand into the international market.
But your life became even better when you met youthful Judy and Adam was born! You had an extraordinary life John and you did it your way! It was a privilege to be your friend for so many years!
I will always miss you, thanks for all our great times! Bye "Stan"
Memory by David Jennings   Oct 21, 2011
Although I never met John I would like to mention an event that happened just two days before his untimely death. My recently widowed 75 year old mother and two friends visited my father’s grave and then went to lunch at the nearby Cholmondley Arms, which in the 30’s was my father’s infant school. On seeing that a chap had dropped a £5 note she returned it to him. That simple act then led to a period of engaging and lively conversation with a man who introduced himself as John Halewood who enjoyed horseracing and had built up a successful drinks company! My mother, who like me is the most ordinary of people, and her companions had a very enjoyable time, and like so many others, greatly appreciated John’s hospitality. On her return home she immediately called to tell me all about the afternoon’s events. She has also told as many family and friends she could contact!
I can certainly attest to John’s generosity, but perhaps more importantly to the ability he had to make people he met feel special. The news of his death was very saddening.
Memory by Annette Scarfe   Oct 21, 2011
Our sincerest condolences to Judy and the family.
We have had the pleasure and the honour to have met John, shared his hospitality and to have worked with him. John was and continues to be an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. He had an ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities and perhaps more importantly the ability and desire to create opportunities for many, many people. His legacy goes beyond the companies and brands that he has built and developed as it is clearly evident that he left a genuine sense of warmth and ease with all his acquaintances colleagues and friends.
We will do our uttermost to draw upon John’s enthusiasm, passion and commitment to assist the Halewood Family and the Halewood Group to continue creating and developing brands that John would be proud of.
John, you will be sadly missed.

Annette and Roland.
Memory by Mike Veysie and the Halewood South Africa Team   Oct 21, 2011
John, you touched us with your gentleness. At times you spoke so softly we couldn’t hear you, but we knew what you meant. It never masked the fire burning inside you. You were always bold. You inspired us with your innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, which was, and always will be the wind beneath our wings.

On occasions you confused us, but we understood why. When you veered off to touch the smallest person in the room, we knew you were one of us. For this we gave you our all and the Universe responded. Our bounty was not a co-incidence, but you knew this.

Your glass was never half-empty, but always full with opportunity. When we challenged you to take on Giants and legends in our industry, you stood up to the plate and pulled your sword out of the scabbard to lead the charge. And yet, in your saddest moment you allowed us to hold you in our land, as you shared your grief of losing your mother.

Despite our short times together, we knew each other. There was and always will be deep respect.

Our only regret is that you didn’t take the time to smell the roses that we so often talked about. Your restless soul would not allow this, but now it is at peace. At first we were angry that you had denied us more time with you, but that has passed and now we know that the tigers are still in town.

In the words of Pink Floyd; “Shine on you crazy diamond I wish, how I wish you were here”.
Memory by Marino Bevilacqua   Oct 21, 2011
We extend our heartfelt and deepest sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of John, he will be greatly missed by myself,all the directors and staff at Continental Wine and Food in Huddersfield.
Memory by Eileen Woodroffe   Oct 21, 2011
Many, many good memories - even the bad jokes made me smile - all make it so much sadder that you went too early. My thoughts are with the Halewood family and everyone at Huyton
Memory by Martyn Walshe   Oct 21, 2011
"John". My first contact and memory of you was when you started Halewood working from a garage, contacting me to recruit your first salesman. My lasting memory will always be of you what you achieved in the following years, not forgetting the Grand National, truly inspirational achievements. RIP
Memory by Peter Horsfall   Oct 21, 2011
John. I've been lucky enough to work for you since 2004. This place can be a madhouse sometimes - the challenges have been huge and varied – but, on a personal note, you supported me, trusted me and helped me grow. I did leave HIL for a brief period but missed the place and the people and thank you again for understanding and welcoming me back. Clearly you were hugely successful and that is in part down to your choice of who to bring along for the ride, but also down to your passion and belief. It was hugely impressive to see first-hand your vision, persistence and demands which together ensured the Crabbie's brand grew. You were not going to accept ‘no’ for an answer! What speaks to me the most though is to come to work this week and see how much you are truly missed
Memory by andy smallman   Oct 21, 2011
John. This is probably the longest note I have ever written you. My best memory was when you made me your managing director, I was really excited and pleased to have that opportunity - just ask Donna. You were an amazing man to work for - a true entrepreneur with vision, challenge, pace, great sense of humour, a real passion to achieve and always striving for more. My job now is work with Judy and the family to deliver your wishes. You have built a great team and a great workforce who will all miss you but, John, we will work to build the company and achieve the vision you had. All I ask us every now and then send us a message to help us, perhaps when we are trying to work out a design - the shape of a bottle or colour of the cap! I remember you once saying to me “do your best Andy and when you have done that try a little bit harder”. Those words will stay in my mind. My heart goes out to Judy and Adam at these difficult times. Well that's it boss, I will miss you, you were a true inspiration - one of a kind

Memory by sid molyneux   Oct 20, 2011
Absolutely shocked by the sad news.i lived close to john in wallasey, we went to st georges school together, played junior football in a team run by his dad jack an we had so many good laughs together in our school an teenage years.the last time i saw john was at the school reunion a few years an we had a good chat along with his sister anne.i was hoping to meet up with him for a drink in the near future.will be greatly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.god bless john.
Memory by Simon Oldroyd   Oct 20, 2011

I spent more time listening to you than any woman I ever knew or know...and I was probably able to get fewer words in with you than the wife.

But already I miss that unbearably; the humour, the razor sharp wit, the breadth of thought, the eye for detail....the sense of fun (which exhausted those around)...

You could have been a chess Grand Master, you thought so many moves ahead...

But instead, from nothing, you created a Drinks Empire with the aim of Global Domination and truth is you damned near achieved that...if only you could have stayed with us, I am sure that you would have seen Crabbie's conquer the world

You walked in to a room and filled it....everyone knew that you were there.

And now there is a void so vast for so many....

But you blessed my life with so much and so many memories....most bring a smile, many an outright guffaw.

I'll miss you, we'll miss you....but hell, we'll never ever forget you!

With huge affection.

Memory by Kenny Brown   Oct 20, 2011
I first met you John in 1977. I was a 24 year old rep for Gonzalez Byass in Scotland who was wet behind the ears. You, at 30 and the Area Manager for the North of England, were basically the salesman I wanted to become. You could charm the birds out of the trees and sell ice to the Eskimos. You had the unique talent of putting people at ease and putting a smile on their faces. I admired and looked up to you.
Between you starting up Halewood Vintners in late 78 and me joining you in 1993, we'd bump into each other regularly at various functions. You were always the same guy. Surrounded by people and telling stories, making people laugh and having fun. I still looked up to you.
When I needed a job in 1993 I phoned you (it was a Friday afternoon, Anne Bowling put me through, and you said you'd been sleeping at your desk and I'd woken you up). When I explained my situation your very first question to me was "When do you want to start, Kenny?" Words can't describe how good that made me feel.
That was 18 years ago and I still love working for you. You have the great knack of making folk feel that they want to do their very best for you. Somehow you made me feel part of the big picture. It was never "The company is going to be really successful with this". It was always "Kenny, we're going to be really successful with this".
There have been countless stories over the years, many laughs and great times and many highs as products that you devised have become successful. You did come up with some duffers as well, though!! The company has grown enormously. The overwhelming feeling I have, even now that we're Halewood INTERNATIONAL,is that I still work for you, John.
I always went to work to do my best,not for a big company, but for John Halewood. I'll miss you terribly John. I'll miss your enthusiasm, your impatience, your generosity of spirit but most of all your friendship.
Rest in Peace John.
God Bless
Memory by Val Hurren (nee Halewood)   Oct 20, 2011
So many memories from childhood in Wallasey, Sharing the triumph of Amberleigh winning the National and Judy's party just two weeks ago. I can't beleive that he has gone, the Cousin I was proud to call 'Our John'. He will be missed by myself and my daughters Toni, Donna and Julie and their families. Our thoughts are with Judy, Adam and Mark
Memory by Julie, Donna and Toni    Oct 20, 2011
Even as a cousin, you always said you were "Uncle John". Either way, we were proud of you in our family. Thank you for the times we spent with you. Sadly missed and gone too soon. x
Memory by Digby R. Kerr   Oct 20, 2011
John you were always an inspiration to me from my very early years as a toddler, and later on when I began my further education at St. John's University as a Management and Marketing Major. I was so proud and impressed by you, my older cousin, and remained so until your recent, sad, and very untimely passing this past Saturday.

Your entrepreneurial brilliance was unmatched, and akin to that of Richard Branson, another one of my business heroes. I will miss you immensely John, but you will be forever in my heart and those of all of us in your extended family.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people that had the opportunity to meet you, and whom you left your indelible mark upon. Rest in peace, and may God Bless you, Judy and Adam and the rest of our family, along with all those that had the distinct honor and pleasure to meet and get to know you. With much love and affection, your favorite cousin Digby.
Memory by Pete Woolacott   Oct 20, 2011
Despite never meeting John personally Halewood International will always have a place in my heart. I never really thought much about what drove the infectious passion, pride and determination of the business and the people who lived within it, however on reflection and after reading the comments it’s easy to see where this evolved and why it was such a great company to work for. My deepest sympathy goes out to John’s Family and friends.
Memory by William Ridley   Oct 20, 2011
This is a message on behalf of Joe Foster, of Rotherham Bonding Company. Joe is away in France but asked me, to pass on, in his absence, his sincere condolences to John's family. Joe and John had a long standing relationship and Joe was devasted to learn of John's untimely death when I spoke to him just before his departure for France.
Memory by david smith   Oct 19, 2011
Everything John did was "first class" and with a "gusto of passion" that helped create the dynasty that was HALEWOOD INTERNATIONAL ... His simple "focus" and "attention to detail" was the cornerstone of his success personally and professionally ... He will be missed by all that he touched over the years !!
Memory by Fiorenzo Rista   Oct 19, 2011
Caro John, anche se non abbiamo passato molto tempo insieme i nostri incontri sono sempre stati pieni di idee e progetti per far crescere la nostra nuova societa'. Il tuo carisma e' stato di grande aiuto per tutti e i racconti della tua vita passata legati al lavoro sono e saranno per me uno stimolo a fare sempre del mio meglio. Grazie John.
Le mie preghiere sono con tutta la tua famiglia alla quale porgo il mio piu' sentito cordoglio.
Memory by PAM COBAIN   Oct 19, 2011
I have worked for John for 13 years, following my transfer from H&B. He was a truly inspirational and charismatic man, and I used to joke with him that I joined the W&S trade in 1967, as a Secretary, and was still doing a similar job now - so unlike himself, and where had I gone wrong! I have many happy memories, from dancing with his party (including Eileen Halewood) in a circle at the end of a good night at ‘The Vintry Ball’, to the excitement of Amberleigh House winning the Grand National, and standing on the steps of the offices when Amberleigh visited for a photo shoot. The subsequent party at Tree Tops in Formby was a night to remember, and I still have the photos.
I was fortunate enough to win a copy of the ‘Nostalgia of Liverpoo’ Book (which was sponsored by HIL) recently in a staff competition and which was personally signed by John. This meant a lot to me then, and means even more to me now, and will be treasured forever.
Memory by Janice Jones   Oct 18, 2011
I was sorry to hear of John's passing. I managed Greenheart in Barbados for a couple of years before coming to live in Vancouver. I send my deepest sympathy to you, Judy. I understand your loss, as I too have just lost my dear husband on September 9th.
Memory by Maureen Allison   Oct 18, 2011
I have had the pleasure of working for and with John for the last 21 years, and what a journey it has been.
From the very first when he interviewed me it was obvious that he was someone who was both astute at business but also
someone who could encourage and bring the best out in the people who surrounded him.
An inspirational man who despite his success and wealth remained grounded and very much a peoples person. He leaves a very
big hole for a lot of people but leaves behind a great legacy.
He sure worked and played hard and I am lucky to have enjoyed some great times both in work and socially.

I feel honoured to have known him, someone who inspired many and will continue to do so for sometime.

At this sad time my thoughts and prayers are with Judy, Adam and the rest of the Halewood family, I hope they can
take comfort in knowing how much people loved and respected this gentleman.
Memory by Ronnie Balmer   Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011
"My earliest memory of John was about 30 years when I was asked to apply for a position as sales manager but before I did I asked my then Sales Director what he knew about Halewood Vinters and I was told that they were a one man band going nowhere. How wrong was he.
However the opportunity arose in September 1987 when again I was asked to attend an interview for a sales role in the North West.
This took place at Horbury in a small industrial unit and the interview was held in an office about 8 foot square where John,Colin Grainger and myself had to cram
into. I'm glad they didn't have an office cat.
I got the job along with Peter Chumbley's Orion Ghia in blue which had 104,000 miles on the clock but I did eventually get a new car.
I've worked for John for 24 years and have lots of happy memories especially the conferences where John was the best of hosts.
I am missing him terribly and I'm sure I will for a long time to come but my thoughts are with Judy,Adam and John's family at this saddest of times.
Bon Voyage John and thanks for all the memories
Memory by Angela Banks   Oct 18, 2011
I have many fond memories of Mr Halewood we shared many good laughs together over the years, he was an inspiration to me and I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of Halewood’s for just over 10 years, I admired and respected John as did all who met him, a huge character and one of life’s true gentleman.
Goodnight God Bless John x
My thoughts are with Judy and all the family at this very sad time.
Memory by Mike Elliott   Oct 18, 2011
I first met John over 20 years ago when they were still in Roberttown, I was the Marketing director of Mojo Cash and Carry and immediately developed a great relationship with John, who was a breath of fresh air in a somewhat stuffy industry. He was great fun, incredibly generous and above all had the ability to not only to spot a gap in the market but actually fill it with good value down to earth products. I have been out of the industry now for many years but always look at Halewood products with affection. John was always a gentleman who could be relied upon to liven up any social gathering. Fond memories, Mike Elliott
Memory by linda john and Sarah   Oct 18, 2011
my heart breaks at the loss of my cousin John . He was our rock and support and loved so much by all of us words can the express how we are feeling. Our life will not be the same .You are now in the arms of your parents who loved you and beamed with pride at everything you did our loss is there gain.We were so very proud to be part of your family and we send all our love to Judy Marc and Adam.Stay safe in the arms of our Lord love you forever linda John and Sarah xxxx
Memory by Chris Ward   Oct 18, 2011
Words cannot express or try to understand what has happened. You were an inspiration to everyone Uncle John. I remember the first time we went to the National and enjoyed a great day with Nan and Grandad, You are now with them and Aunty Eileen looking down on us all.

You set yourself a goal in life and took opportunities to build a leagacy. Our thoughts are with Judy and Adam. You are all in our prayers each day. We will all sorely miss you but you will never leave us. Rest in Peace with love always xxx Chris and Ceri Ward and the family.
Memory by Clair Heaven   Oct 18, 2011
I have many many fond memories of John but one that sticks out in my mind was from earlier this year. There was a certain young man that came to visit John and I had made comment at how nice he was so John thought that we should meet so he took me by the arm and led me to his office, he then pulled the visitor out of his meeting but I had made a sharp exit. John then came to my desk and asked me where I had disappeared to, he told me that I should meet this man as it could turn out to be a missed opportunity and he told me that we should never miss opportunities in life. Those words ring out loud in my mind today and I will always think of John's wise words when opportunities come my way in the future. You were an amazing man John and we really miss you. x
Memory by Tony Berry   Oct 17, 2011
As a member of the Halewood family of Wallasy and having Known John all my life I am saddened by his sudden passing. We attended the same schools and we played fotball together ( St John Athletic) Coached by his dad,uncle Jack. His mum aunty Eileen would wash all the shirts (Humble but happy beginnings)Now living in Western Australia my wife Helen and I were able to catch up with John and Judy and had a great time. To his Team at Halewood International I share your loss.
To Judy Adam & Family Helen and I send our deepest sympathy
Memory by Joy   Oct 17, 2011
Greenheart and I will miss you Judy and Adam you are in My prayers
Memory by Joy   Oct 17, 2011
You have made a mark in life you will be greatly missed you lived the life of a great man Mr John Halewood. To your family you are in my prayers
Memory by Rob Bishop   Oct 17, 2011
I am one of the night shift security officers at the Wilson Road site. As such I will remember him taking the time to have a quick chat with me on his way home in the evening on a number of occasions. A thoroughly pleasant friendly chap and I am sad to hear of his passing.
Memory by Kerry Bennett   Oct 17, 2011
So shocked, what a lovely man, many memories held but the one that sticks in my head was a good few years ago when John was in a happy mood and had the International department staff singing "it's just another manic Monday" as you can imaging John joined in with us, it made us giggle for the rest of the day. Lots of fun times at Halewood International which I will never forget. I would like to send my sincere sympathy to Judy, Adam and family at their loss, rest in perfect peace John x
Memory by Paul Bradford   Oct 17, 2011
One of my earliest memories of John was back in April 2000 at Aintree racecourse. I had only been with the company for a few months so had no idea what to expect, when I was fortunate enough to be invited!!! I need not have worried, as everyone was so friendly and welcoming, in particular one Mr John Halewood. As always John was telling his jokes (mainly in a Tommy Cooper voice) and stories, holding court as only he could. We ended up that night in Liverpool City Centre and had one of the best nights I can ever remember. For a Chairman to offer that kind of hospitality to such a new member of the sales team, will NEVER be forgotten. Until we meet again, RIP John E Halewood.
Memory by Linsey Huckle (Kennedy)   Oct 17, 2011
I have worked for Halewood International since I was 18 years old, some 13 years ago. My earliest memeory of John was the Christmas party when we purchased the old Bass site next door. We all circled around him on the make-shift dance floor, and he dragged me from the crowd for a dance. I was so quiet back then I didnt know whether to laugh or cry...but he was such a warm hearted down-to-earth man, always friendly and an inspiration to us all. It is such a sad loss. I would like to send my sincere condolances to Judy and the rest of John's family.X
Memory by Roy Newton   Oct 17, 2011
I never got to meet John personally, but I do have fond memories of him comig to meet Dave Rees at G&J Greenalls frequently, such a nice bloke with a big smile and always a cheery hello, I guess back then all those years ago and up to this day he was very well respected in his business.

my most sincere thoughts go to John's family.
Memory by Board of Directors, Halewood International   Oct 17, 2011
The full Board of Halewood International Holdings plc met in Huyton at 9am today (17th October 2011) and paid very full tribute to John’s life, work and engaging energy. The Board is committed to continuing to build the brands that were John’s passion.

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