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In Remembrance of Davy Jones

30 December, 1945 ~ 29 February, 2012
Manchester, United Kingdom

Early life
Davy Jones was born at 20 Leamington Street, Openshaw, Manchester, in Lancashire, (now part of Greater Manchester) England, on 30 December 1945. At the age of 1... Read more >
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Candles and Flowers

Sep 9, 2013  
rip Davy, miss you. Jen

Sep 9, 2013  

Posted by Ruby Wheeler
Aug 30, 2012  
Much love and peace to Davy's family, friends, and fans. He was a beautiful soul who graced us with his presence for just a little while. His memory will live in my heart and soul forever. I am thankful for the memories of an innocent age gone by.

Posted by Jan
Apr 30, 2012  
Thank you, Davy....for your humour, your laughter, for sharing your joy of live and your incredible talent. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of theatre (Oliver!) every audition, I'll feel you nearby! I'm picturing you right now, catching up with John Lennon, George Harrision, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison! The world down here is now a little colder without you...I may have only been 6 during the Monkee Heyday but you really were my first love. ♥

Posted by Karine
Mar 30, 2012  
To a Fellow Dreamer...:)

Posted by Janice
Mar 24, 2012  
Thank you Davy for the wonderful music,and the I'm 41 so I saw your t.v. show on reruns in the 80\\\'s and listened to your music all my childhood my mom had your records. My 10 yr. old daughter also loves your music. You have touched so many lives,We wil miss you. Our condolences to your family and friends. Our loss is heaven\\\'s gain. Though you left way to soon you will not be forgotten. What a blessing you have been to so many. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. Rest in peace.

Posted by Linda B
Mar 10, 2012  
Thank you Davy for the music and the memories. May God hold you in the palm of His hand. Rest in peace.

Posted by Julie
Mar 9, 2012  
rest in peace Davy. We all love you

Posted by giovanna
Mar 7, 2012  
Thanks for the many memories and the wonderful music.

Posted by Kelly Ditmars Denight
Mar 5, 2012  
RIP Davy, I'll never forget you! Love you! See you again, on the other side my friend.

Posted by Hollie
Mar 4, 2012  
Thank you for the music.

Posted by Heidi
Mar 2, 2012  
You were my first love, Davy, and that love will never change.

Posted by Judy & Joanie
Mar 2, 2012  
We will miss you Davy. Though you leave us way too soon, you will never be forgotten.

Posted by C Sorensen
Mar 2, 2012  
RIP and Thank You

Posted by Mark
Mar 2, 2012  

Posted by George Vreeland Hill
Mar 1, 2012  
RIP Davy and thanks for the memories.

George Vreeland Hill

Posted by Tammy
Mar 1, 2012  
RIP Davy. You will be missed beyond belief. Have a beautiful journey. god bless.

Posted by Deb
Mar 1, 2012  
You are part of some of ther very best memories of so many lives. As you go know thet you always will remain special. It's hard to comprehend that you are gone from here now. God speed, until we meet again.

Posted by Mary
Mar 1, 2012  
You gave me beautiful memories. Rest in peace Davy.

Posted by Julie Grossman
Mar 1, 2012  
You made life sweeter for a lot of us. Love you Davy.

Posted by Lynda Grove
Mar 1, 2012  
God bless you in heaven, thanks for the lovely music and exciting teen years. xxx

Posted by Maria
Mar 1, 2012  
Good night sweet Davy. A flight of angels wing thee to thy rest.

Posted by B Carter
Mar 1, 2012  
Rest in Peace My First Crush.

Posted by Phyllis Zimmerman
Mar 1, 2012  
Love you, Davy. Thanks for everything!

Posted by Mandy Martin
Mar 1, 2012  
Our loss is Heaven's gain. Goodbye, Davy, thank you for sharing yourself with us. You will be missed.

Posted by Kariann
Mar 1, 2012  
Thanks for the music and fun. Though you have passed, both of those legacies remain and I am grateful.

Posted by Sally
Mar 1, 2012  
You passed on, to The Great Beyond, as we all will. Too soon. Thanks for the great music, you put joy into our lives.

Posted by sofia
Mar 1, 2012  
thanks for the music

Posted by Diane
Feb 29, 2012  
Rest in peace, Davy. I am grateful to have seen you at Mohegan Sun in January. Thank you for my great childhood memories!

Posted by Shiva
Feb 29, 2012  
Thank you for the wonderfully fun music. My condolences to everyone left behind.

Posted by Raymond Collier
Feb 29, 2012  
My Deepest, Heartfelt Sympathies & Condolences to Davy Jones' Family & Friends. The World is a little more empty now that He is gone! Rest In Peace, Davy!!!!

Posted by Eddie
Feb 29, 2012  

Posted by teresa
Feb 29, 2012  
Your songs. And successes will live on my blessing to your family

Posted by Xarabeth
Feb 29, 2012  
So sad. Thanks for the memories

Posted by Jennifer S
Feb 29, 2012  
Davy you were a blessing to me. Thank you.

Posted by Catweazle
Feb 29, 2012  
I've always loved their music and my kid loves the classic TV show. Goodbye Davy, you will be missed.

Posted by Janet T
Feb 29, 2012  

Posted by ted
Feb 29, 2012  
RIP Davy

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