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In Remembrance of Davy Jones

30 December, 1945 ~ 29 February, 2012
Manchester, United Kingdom

Early life
Davy Jones was born at 20 Leamington Street, Openshaw, Manchester, in Lancashire, (now part of Greater Manchester) England, on 30 December 1945. At the age of 1... Read more >
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Memory by Miguabedslax   Nov 2, 2017
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Memory by Ruby Wheeler   Aug 30, 2012
Davy Jones will live in my heart and soul forever. Although I never met him personally or saw him perform live, I believe we were blessed to have been graced with his presence and gifts. Thank You, David for all you've given. I know you are doing great work on the other side. You are truly missed here, but I am glad I can relive wonderful memories of a time of innocence gone by.
Memory by Nancy Huffstetler   Mar 24, 2012
I will miss Davy's smiling face and his dancing moves....Hate I never got to meet him..He was one of a kind...Never again..God smiled on him and gave him a truly wonderful life, that he was forever grateful showed in his ever move..!!!
   Mar 4, 2012
Regardless of how the Monkees we assembled, everything they presented was uplifting, funny, and enjoyable to my generation and beyond. Peace, love, and music. Davy, see you on the other side.

Memory by George Vreeland Hill   Mar 1, 2012
I grew up in the 1960's and I am a big fan of the Monkees.
I remember my first Monkees album and those Monkees bubble gum cards.
I even saw them in concert a long time ago.
Davy was great.
This is a sad time.
RIP Davy and thanks for the memories.

George Vreeland Hill
Memory by Tammy   Mar 1, 2012
I am truly broken hearted. Davy,you will be truly missed,always remembered, and never forgotten. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to everyone. You were every girls "dream guy". RIP xxoo
Memory by Judy   Mar 1, 2012
Saw every episode, learned the words to every song. Davy, RIP - you will be missed. Know that God will continue to care for your family.
Memory by Julie Grossman   Mar 1, 2012
I believe that all the sweetness and whimsy that Davy projected was absolutely real, and I am so very sad that he is gone. A loss of a truly beautiful person. I will never forget you Davy.
Memory by Lee Anne   Mar 1, 2012
My sincere condolences to Davy's family. He brought joy to so many. He is well woven into tapestry of so many grateful lives.You will be sorely missed and never forgotten.
Memory by Mandy Martin   Mar 1, 2012
My prayers are lifted up for his family and friends. Death of a loved one is always hard, but it is harder when it happens unexpectedly. Davy was very loved and the world grieves with them. Only God can comfort them; but I did want to say how deeply and tenderly I feel for them in their time of loss.
Memory by Sherry   Feb 29, 2012
Their first album was the first album I ever bought. I saved my babysitting money and listened to the music over and over. They didn't play the instruments. Big Deal. LOVED Davy Jones. I'm sorry for his friends and family and feeling my own mortality today.
Memory by Debbie   Feb 29, 2012
I had such a huge crush on Davy.
I can't believe he's gone. I will miss
him terribly.
Memory by Mari   Feb 29, 2012
My very FIRST concert was to see the Monkees when I was 14. I was so in love with Davy - he was my first crush. Loved his accent and he was just so cute.
So sad he's left us too soon.
Memory by Simon   Feb 29, 2012
I loved the Monkees. Davy Jones will be missed.

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